H.A.N.D. / Pubwatch



H.A.N.D/Pubwatch is now in its 5th year and is going from strength to strength.  The scheme was set in conjunction with Humberside Police, in a bid to reduce alcohol related crime and anti-social behaviour. The membership has also grown, with a core group of dedicated licensees, who meet regularly to discuss a wide range of issues which results in there establishments been a safe and enjoyable place to socialise.

The scheme has served a total of twenty warning letter to various offenders, sending strong advice to patrons that unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated within their establishments, nor will any related incidents after leaving.  The banning committee have sanctioned a total of 17 ban’s since the scheme started ranging from 3 months to indefinitely.  The constitution sends out a clear message that if a person becomes banned from one establishment they are banned from all.  Details and photographs of all offenders are circulated to staff at member premises to assist the staff to uphold the ban.

PCSO Mandy Foster has been involved in the scheme from very early on, she commends the hard work and commitment of all the licensees and staff involved the scheme.   They are continually showing their support and their dedication to help reduce Crime and Alcohol related disorder within our communities is making a real difference.

Humberside Police will continue to support the scheme, any enquiries from the community with regards to alcohol/drug related crime and disorder can be emailed to amanda.foster@humberside.pnn.police.uk

Membership includes the following premises: The Royal Mail/The Crooked Billet/Hare & Hounds/Queens/ Kings/Shakespeare/Station/ Kingstown/Cock & Bell/Blacksmiths/Royal Oak/Humber Tavern/Crown.