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Little Book of Big Scams

January 2019

‚ÄčHave you ever read an email or received a letter that you were suspicious about? Have you ever felt someone is trying to con you out of your hard earned cash over the internet?

Has anyone tried to get you to give up your personal information when you don't want to?

Well, the fourth edition of the 'Little Book of Scams' has been released for Humberside Police area which highlights some of the frauds that people are unfortunately falling for.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF copy

Reinstallation of Ryehill Red Telephone Box

August 2018

Finally. a refurbished red telephone box has been reinstalled at Ryehill to replace the one removed last year. The Parish Council had agreed to buy the box from BT following a review of its usage which concluded that it was no longer viable to maintain by BT. However, due to a misunderstanding between ERYC and BT the necessary paperwork was not received and the telephone box was removed.

Even the intervention of our MP Graham Stuart was unsuccessful. However, with the persistence of the Parish Clerk, she managed to negotiate with ERYC a newly refurbished pre-1952 red telephone box to replace the original one





New Urgent Treatment Centres in East Riding - Quicker Than A & E

We know that finding the right place to go when you become ill or re injured can be confusing. This guide is just one of the ways we want  to help you choose well and stay well in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

By selecting the right service for your illness or injury, you're not only looking after your health but using the NHS services responsibly.

CLICK HERE to read the leaflet explaining the services available to you in the East Riding.

See the map below of where the services are located.

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Yorkshire Energy Park Planning Application

It's not too late oppose the planning application of Yorkshire Energy Park on the old aerodrome site at Preston South.

Our Ward councillor, John Dennis, is urging anyone who doesn't agree with the application to write or email East Riding of Yorkshire Council to let them know.

If you don't know what to put in your letter/email to make it count CLICK HERE  to read some suggestions you can use.

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Changes to Mobile Library Service

Posted 2 October 2017
Residents who use the mobile library service in our parish need to be aware of the changes to dates and times of the visits of the library vans. These changes are effective from 1 October 2017. Click HERE to go to our Leisure page to find out more.

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Royal Mail, Thorngumbald

Well, the Royal Mail has finally closed. After a long fight to save the pub from demolition/ conversion into a Co-op Convenience Store.

The last pint was served on 12 September 2016.

The images below show what the inside of the Royal Mail looks like now.

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