Severe Weather - Snow

Following the severe winter of 2010 we can never really know what the weather has is store for us during the winter months. We can, however, try to be prepared.

The Parish Council has recently revised its Emergency Plan and is putting procedures in place to deal with extreme conditions as we all experienced last winter, so that our communities can try to get back to normal as soon as possible.

To Clear the Snow Away or Not?

Many people are reluctant to clear snow away for fear of being sued. The UK Government say there's no law stopping you from clearing snow and ice on the pavement outside your home or from public spaces. It's unlikely you'll be sued or held legally responsible for any injuries on the path if you have cleared it carefully. (See 'Clearing Snow' and 'Guidance on Severe Weather' leaflets on the right)

Remember, people walking on snow and ice have responsibility to be careful themselves .

The website gives a lot of useful information on snow clearing. Click Here to go to their website. There are also some useful leaflets for download at the right of this page.

Would You Help Your Community?

The Parish Council is hoping to recruit a team of volunteers who would assist people in emergency situations in a variety of roles. It may be that you have specialist knowledge such as first aid, nursing, veterinary skills, etc. Or you may be able to collect someone’s medication from the Chemist or even just to check on an elderly or disabled neighbour to ensure they are OK.

Whatever you can offer would be appreciated in an emergency situation. Please contact the Parish Clerk for more details or you can download a form HERE and give to the Parish Clerk.